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10 Quotes On MS Dhoni That Defines The Legendary Skipper

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    “It’s a brand new day, it’s a Friday and it’s MS Dhoni birthday day as well. Oh yes, let the festivities begin MSDians,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

    Ever since the clock struck midnight, and the day on the calendar changed to 7th of July, fans went in a crazy celebratory mood, as MS Dhoni celebrates his 36th birthday on Friday. The social media is flooded with birthday messages for the legendary former skipper of India.

    The excitement was palpable more than a week ago. Most of his loyal followers counted the days out past week and waited with a lot of eagerness to let their idol MS Dhoni feel all the love.

    Not only fans, the Indian cricketing fraternity also jumped in the celebration. Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Sachin Tendulkar and almost all current and former cricketers wished Dhoni on this special occasion. Dhoni surely deserves all the affection.

    His list of achievements is unmatchable in the world cricket to a great extent and personal batting milestones are also quite extraordinary. To make things more pleasant, he carries the aura of a true gentleman – calm and good natured – which puts him in the golden league of highly adorable personalities in the country.

    It can be safely assumed that he has earned a great amount of respect. In fact, some of the extraordinary names, some even bigger than him in stature, have themselves acknowledged his class as a cricketer and as an individual topples everyone.

    Here are 10 such quotes On MS Dhoni that defines him from the perspective of some of the greatest cricketing names

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