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20 classical excuses Indian captain MS gave after losing matches

20 weird excuses Indian captain MS gave after losing matches

When team lose blame game surrounds them from all round. One player blame another player for their own failure. For example, Shane Warne blamed Joe the cameraman for sledging teammate Scott Muller. Overseas teams use to blame slow subcontinent pitches for their defeat and noisy fans. The Kiwis blamed Trevor Chappell for not being able to score enough runs. Bangladesh blamed umpire Aleem Dar for their 109 runs defeat against India in the 2015 World Cup quarterfinal.

I hope we get the picture, now meet the undisputed king of the excuses. MS Dhoni, whom you either love or hate, come under huge criticism after the first ODI loss against South Africa at Green Park, Kanpur. He comes up with an excuse after losing the match from the jaws of victory. He said, “ our batting between 33 to 40 overs affected the chase”. But, this is not the first time Dhoni gave excuses for the defeat. But, when the team lose, a captain takes responsibility. Dhoni also did it on many occasions. But, when he was at his best, used to give the funniest excuse. Sportzwiki complied TOP 10 excuses from the jar.

So, here is the classical excuses MS Dhoni gave after losing 66 ODIs out of 182 matches of his captaincy tenure.

1)I was told I couldn’t select AB de Villiers

2)My dogs ate my game plan.

3)Stuart Binny was somehow selected in the team.

4) The groundsman didn’t follow my instructions.

5) I couldn’t understand Ravi Shastri’s instructions. Something about a tracer bullet?

6) The rain made the outfield too slippery

7) The sun made the outfield too quick

8) I was dealing with a union dispute at India Cements


9) Shane Warne asked me to visit the Advanced Hair studio

10) I saw Anushka in the stands.

11) KP sent me a text message

12) They made us play in Bihar

13) The Iraq war

14) I’m only doing this press conference because I was told to

15) Global Warming

16) Sachin hasn’t paid his taxes on that car

17) The ball was swinging

18) The ball wasn’t swinging

19) I had to protect my average

20) The boundary rope was made in China

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