MS Dhoni

Indian cricketers are treated as a celebrity in the country where cricket is a religion and cricketers are the God. They receive accolade and loved by people across the world.  A debut for Indian team brings the limelight to Indian cricket as journalists are always seeking an opportunity to catch these superstars off guard.

Whether it is at press conference or interviews, media representatives do tend to ask questions which may not go down to well with anyone. However, it depends on upon how well you handle such questions. Some Indian cricketers have mastered the art of responding in the wittiest manner to slippery queries made by journalists.

Here are 5 occasions when an Indian cricketer owned journalists with a witty reply:

    Sports Crazy man, Live in cricket, Love writing, Studied English journalism in Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Chose sports as the subject for study, Born 24 years ago during the 1992 Cricket world cup. When he is not writing love to watch movies and reading books and novels.

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