Just take one quiz question: How many players can you name from the Indian women’s cricket team at present? You remember Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami, maybe?

If only this particular question would have been about the men’s team, most of us even would have remembered the batting and bowling averages of the players, too.

Being a cricketer in India is seen as a respectable profession, and why not, when it is the most popular sport in the country and the highest paying, as well? But sadly not so much if you are a woman. Because frankly speaking, no one cares to bother about the women’s team. Not the sponsors, not the viewers.

To be fair, without an equal amount of opportunity for the Women cricketers and only 10 to 15 designated International ODIs per year, it’s really hard to make the women’s team popular among the masses. But what we can do is, at least be informed of the Indian women players who made a mark in International cricket.

So, here we have picked top 5 Indian women Cricketers who actually deserve as much respect and fame as any other sportsperson in this country and if you are a true cricket lover, you have to know these women very well.


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