62% of Indian cricket fans plan to skip work during World Cup 2015

We Indians are insanely obsessed about our culture, our fireworks and darn importantly, Our religion – CRICKET. This is thoroughly evident from a recent survey, titled “Fantastic 2015”, conducted by the ESPNcricinfo.

As per this survey, it has been astonishingly found that about 62% of the native Indians would skip their professional hours at some or the other stage of the World Cup in order to feast upon the upcoming matches and render their wholehearted support and wishes to their beloved cricket team.

The productivity of every firm surely hits the deck at the time of the matches, as the employees get constantly clung to their cell phones or other innovative e-devices in order to claim the ball by ball update of the ongoing contest. A mind-blowing 89% of the people, keep constantly browsing the Internet for regular updates during the working hours and only a mere 18% of all these people care to find a television nearby during an intensive match.

When it comes to citing apt reasons for a leave, the tested and trusted method of asking for a day-off on account of an ailing sickness, since time immemorial, has undoubtedly appealed tremendously to our younger guns and our 6000 surveyed respondents are no exception.

It is fascinating to know that 75% of the guys, aging 30+, are completely cool with the idea of skipping work to witness matches. Another interesting aspect of this survey was, that about 23% of the people surveyed, stay absolutely tight-lipped in front of their bosses and do not dare to discuss a slightest cinch regarding the matches. A whooping 78% of the people stay absolutely loyal to their favorite team and players and do not let their boss’s interests influence their choice by any means.



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