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A courageous Moeen Ali condemns ISIS

  • This is an amazingly brave step undertaken by England’s all-rounder Moeen Ali. Up till now, millions of the fans of the game used to appreciate Moeen Ali for his scintillating bowling skills. But henceforth, he will be known to be a man taking stand for a just and valid cause. Condemning the brutal acts of the ISIS, Moeen Ali said, “As Muslims we need to understand the ruling behind (whether) guys can go (to fight). From my understanding.. we’re not allowed to go and fight.. We’ve got to be patient as Muslims”.

    Although just a few weeks back, Moeen Ali was criticized for an altogether different reason – for wearing a wrist band with a message “Save Gaza”. But now, he has proved himself to be a brave heart by appealing fellow muslim countrymen to stay away from the inhumane acts of ISIS. It is pertinent to add that ISIS has been drawing all round criticism for their barbaric actions.

    It is hoped that if celebrities come out against the terrorist organizations, it may lead to more public awareness.

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