We should accept day night cricket with open minds: Rahul Dravid
We should accept day night cricket with open minds: Rahul Dravid

Former Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid said that we should accept day-night test matches with an open mind.

“You could start the morning of a Test match on a seaming wicket and it improves as the game goes on.

“Here it might start flat and it might seam as the game goes on. There are going to be things that are slightly different but there are things that are different in every Test match in each and every country that you play in that are unique to that country and surface as well. So, I don’t think that’s something that should count as a negative.”

Test cricket is on the decline and that is one of the major concerns. The first day-night test match was played between New Zealand and Australia. It was a major success as there was a lot of crowds at the stadium during that match.

“I would love to see a day-night Test match in India because very clearly there are grounds in this country where people don’t come and watch,” he said.

“I think each country and each situation could be unique, we can’t just say that because a Test match succeeded in Adelaide, it might not succeed in the winter in India because of the dew.

“I am glad we had this match in Kolkata and the Duleep Trophy will be played under lights. One of the things we can’t afford is we do the experiment without the right conditions and the players switch off from it.

“I think if it goes wrong initially you will find the players could switch off from it. We need to give it the best chance to succeed.”

India will play 13 test matches at home this season. New Zeland will play India in the first ever day-night test match in India at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

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