Sachin Tendulkar

Batting star Sachin Tendulkar on Thursday said acting is more difficult than standing up to the fastest bowlers in the world and scoring runs.

“For so many years, I did whatever I wanted to do and the camera captured that. Suddenly I was asked to do particular things and then the camera captured that, so it was a bit different for me. Believe me, the first option was better,” said Tendulkar at a function in Mumbai. “Acting is not something that I dreamt of. Without any doubt, acting was more challenging than playing cricket. I enjoyed playing more,” added Tendulkar, who played 200 Test matches before retiring in November 2013.

Tendulkar, 42, is taking his acting with the biopic , “Sachin: A Billion Dreams,” which has been directed by award winning British director James Erskine.

The former Indian batsman, who was also announced as the face of other half marathons-Delhi and Kolkata- by the life insurance firm, hailed the long distance runners, some of whom were present on the occasion.

“I would like to congratulate you all. I fully understand the sacrifices you make. In marathon every second matters. It comes once a while for which you prepare yourself, control your diet, push each other in a healthy competition. Healthy competition brings out the best results.

“If you lead a healthy lifestyle overall the result is better. You are able to achieve your target whether you are a doctor, engineer or sportsman. My grandmother used to say health is your real wealth, so look after your health. By running if you can keep yourself fit, then why not (run).”