Angry Yuvraj Singh gives big statement after his fiancee was mistreated


India is characterized by more ethnic and religious groups than most other countries of the world. While the country is known for the strong harmony in its citizens, sometimes common people, as well as celebrities, become victims of religious discrimination.

The latest celebrity to face such an unfortunate incident is Indian batting star Yuvraj Singh’s fiancee Hazel Keech.  The incident happened when Hazel went to the Jaipur branch of Western Union for some money related matters. But to her surprise, an official of that organisation named Peeyush Sharma refused to give her money because her name did not resemble like a Hindu name. The actress took to Twitter to reveal the unfortunate incident.

She also expressed her disappointment over the whole issue.

As expected, Yuvraj Singh expressed his shock over the incident and hoped that some strong action is taken over the whole issue.


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