Bangladesh media alleged that India cheated their national team

Bangladesh media alleged that India cheated their national team

  • Bangladesh fans allegedly said that the last ball of nail biting India versus Bangladesh match at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore was a wide ball, and the umpire gave India a favour as he didn’t call the wide.

    Bangladesh needed 11 runs from the last over and hit two boundaries and got a single in first three balls then set batsman Mushfiqur Rahim tried to play Hardik Pandya over the deep mid wicket rope but failed as Shikhar Dhawan grabbed a simple catch. On the fifth ball, Mahmudullah made the same mistake as he played a skier that was caught by Ravindra Jadeja. On the last ball, Hardik pitched outside off stump batsman to Shuvagata Hom who tried to play it away from his body. Wicketkeeper MS Dhoni run and uprooted stump to bring India a one-run victory. Bangladesh failed to beat India as they couldn’t score two runs from three balls.

    This is the ninth time a team lost by one run and India for the second time won a match by one run. But this was the first time a team lost their three wickets in an over when only two runs were required. This was the fourth time in Wt20 a team lost by one run. And India was the winner on two occasions.

    In 2012 World T20 in Emerald Isle India defeated South Africa by one run.

    In international cricket, for the first time a team lost by one run in 2009 when Australia defeated New Zealand by one run.

    But, according to Bangladesh media, the last ball of the match was wide. They also captured an image from the video. However, in this article, you will see a video that how Bangladesh media  manipulated the image and misinformed readers.

    They don’t have little sense of cricket as they captured the image even before the ball carried as Hardik Pandya  bowled outside off stump short pitch delivery which went over the chest line of Shuvagta Hom.

    Here is that article Bangladesh media published alleging India that the host cheated them

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