BCCI spent Rs 56 crore on legal expenses in last two years

The richest board in the cricketing world the BCCI, has reached a new height by spending 56 crore rupees on legal expenses in the last two years a source said.

Jyotiraditya Scindia the head of the finance committee explained that the legal expenses have sky rocketed and that the proposal to increase the help lent to state cricket boards from 50 crore to 75 crore will not be implemented in this season. A member of the finance committee explained that the BCCI spent 25 and 31 crore rupees in the previous years and that due to these expenses, the subsidies cannot be increase all of a sudden and that it will take time. The secretary Anurag Thakur and treasurer Aniruddh Chaudhary have already expressed that they do not want the subsidies to increase and it is learned that it will stay that way.

It is also decided that the committee has been ignoring women cricket and that necessary steps will be taken to take care of the matter. The BCCI has already spent around 5 crores on committees like RM Lodha committee and the Justice Mukul Mudgal committee. They also added that by the next term, a new gradation system to make sure the women athletes are earning adequately.

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