Sachin tendulkar has done almost everything a batsman could in a lifetime. A career of more than 24 years in International cricket, he made a name for himself and India at the International level. BCCI now has decided to pay a bit of it to him once more. BCCI secretary , Sanjay Patel said tha BCCI is planning to name an International  series after Sachin Tendulkar. He further added that this will be finalised during the next meeting of the BCCI working committee.


He added that if the series is named after Sachin tendulaker, it has to be a marquee series. This cannot  be done for name sake only.


Earlier , Sachin Tendulkar received a grand farewell on the eve of his 200th and his last Test match , something which no cricketer has received in the history so far, just speaks volumes of the reputation and following the man has in India and International cricket scene.


When Sanjay Patel was asked if the upcoming Test series against West Indies will be named on Sachin, he replied that it will be too soon to say anything on it now. He said that nothing has been fixed so far. He also added that BCCI is planning for few ore surprises for Sachin Tendulakar.


At present, only 2 series featuring India is named on players. 1 being the Border – Gavaskar trophhy between India and Australia , named after former Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar and he former Australian World Cup winning captain Allan Border. This series started in 1996-97

The 2nd one being the Pataudi Trophy played between India and England , which has been named after the Pataudi family (Ifthikar Ali Khan Pataudi and his son Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi). This series started since India’s tour to England in 2007.

With England And Australian series already named after someone else, the best option seems to be South African series, which can be named after Kallis and Sachin.

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