Clive Lloyd, the former West Indies captain and the current chairman of selectors, has said that Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard haven’t had exceptional performances in the past for the team and this was the only reason that lead to their axe from the World Cup 2015 squad. 

During an exclusive interview with ESPNcricinfo, Lloyd was quoted in saying:

“It was a very difficult decision. I can tell you it went on for two days. We suspended it to give a chance to think about things and so on. There were a lot of discussions. But then you get to a point where you say, right, this is where we want to go. It is very difficult for people to understand or to accept. But we want to move on.

“I don’t think they have had any exceptional performances. Nobody (of the pair) has got exceptional performances as far as (playing for) West Indies is concerned. They have been there and thereabouts. We really and truly want to pick people on what they have done for our cricket and not for anyone else.”

Lloyd also said that that he had spoken with both the players last week in Cape Town and both now understand on what basis the team has been selected. 

“Yes, I spoke to them in Cape Town. They understand what the situation is. Don’t forget, these guys have been playing for West Indies for a while. And they will be disappointed. But they have a chance of redeeming themselves and getting back into our cricket in the future. One is 31 (Bravo) and the other is 27 or 28 (Pollard).”

Lloyd also insisted that there was no discrimination by the selection panel and made it clear that the team selection has been done on merit. 

Lloyd said:

“No, no. That is not the way I live. I don’t believe in things in that nature at all. There is no axe to grind with these guys. There are other people that could have…You know we could have said, “What about X, what about Y?

“This is the combination we came up with. And I am not one of those people who are going to direct to me what to do. I take orders from me, and nobody else. I am not into that situation where I will be worrying about what happened in India. That is past. That is gone. We are moving on.”


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