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Captains delighted with the Day and Night test

  • Steve Smith and Brendon McCullum are two skippers, who are literally poles apart. While one is very defensive, the latter is way too aggressive, and leaves no stone unturned in going for the kill. However, despite the result not going his way, McCullum has a source of elation. As a matter of fact, it is the same reason which makes Steve Smith ecstatic as well. It relates to the success of the Day and Night test.

    Speaking about the success of the latest innovation in cricket, Smith said, “The whole Test match was a great innovation, it was a great spectacle, and to get 120,000 people through the gates in three days is absolutely amazing.” “It was just a game that was dominated by the bowlers. I thought New Zealand’s bowlers bowled just as well as ours.”

    His counterpart, Brendon McCullum too had a similar view and said, “It’s a great concept. As pink-ball cricket evolves, which I’m sure it will in the global game, I think we’ll see that pitches won’t have quite as much grass on it,” he said.

    “Overall, it’s a roaring success, 120,000 people turning up over three days. People are voting with their feet. I think it’s here to stay, which is great. It definitely brought a different element, even on day one. It certainly asked some different questions. I think, tactically, there?s a lot to learn for captains as we head into the pink-ball era.”

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