While calling for the negotiations over the ongoing pay dispute which has been a long standing issue between Cricket Australia (CA) and Australia Cricketers’ Association (ACA), the chief of CA James Sutherland revealed the Board is looking for a way out amid the chaos and confusion that engulfed cricket in Australia, as one of the richest cricket body has further drawn condemnation from the players as well. (Read Here: We Are Still Not Informed About The Possibility of The Cancellation of Australia’s Tour: BCB).

“Failing that, we believe that the best course of action is to get the matter resolved through arbitration, get the show on the road and move on,” Sutherland was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.

Moreover, the players were displeased with Sutherland after he stated the players are slowing the process of reach to the agreement which was equally opposed by the cricketing fraternity.

“I think the concern that I’ve tried to reflect in talking today [Thursday] is that we seem to be bogged down at times in process and strategies that are perhaps designed to slow things down,” asserted Sutherland.

Interestingly, the clouds are looming over the Australia’s proposed Bangladesh tour which according to a fixture is expected to kick start on August 27 could be called-off if the deal between two factions would take place within the time frame.

“What we’re proposing out of this is that we do go into some intensive discussions over the next few days that will hopefully see the matter come to resolution,” Sutherland added.

As the tussle has left the round of 230 players unemployed following the recently expired Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Sutherland is aiming to put an end to the infighting while urging the ACA and players to settle down for a complete solution.

The swashbuckling batsman and vice-captain for Kangaroos David Warner, who has hit back at CA earlier revealed the requests for ‘mediation’, have been shown a cold shoulder by the Board itself while backing ACA.

“This Baggy Green means the world to me. Myself and all the other players, female and male, want to get out there and play,” Warner wrote on his official Instagram.

Questioning the process of ACA, Sutherland in his briefing reiterated the players association is putting curtains on Bangladesh, Ashes and India’s limited overs tour by working as a sort of stumbling block.

“We offered 30 million of our money to grassroots as a peace plan. It was ignored. We asked for mediation twice before and it was rejected,” David Warner’s post added on a photo-blogging site.

In response, the statement from ACA revealed the body is looking out for ‘independent mediation’ process following three-month stand-off, in a bid to resolve the issue at the earliest, while adding the arbitration process will take longer time for the implementation.

“In the event of no agreement being reached, the ACA believes mediation is the right process to resolve the dispute because it is non-adversarial, voluntary and faces no jurisdictional constraints,” ACA statement explained.

As CA seemed to have failed to provide the financial transparency with ACA showing the stiff approach in between the timeline of drama, the players are focusing on their training even after being left to fend for themselves.

    Tahir Ibn Manzoor is a staffer at Sportzwiki.com, who follows cricket like food after listening to running commentary on a transistor radio when he was only eight, and penned down the scorecard when he turned 11. He Tweets @TahirIbnManzoor

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