Records are meant to be broken in any format of cricket. At one time 200 in ODI was impossible but Sachin Tendulkar converted the impossible to possible. He Scored 200 Runs in ODI cricket.

With the passage of time and introduction of T20 cricket, the ODI have gone into a big makeover. The team scores have taken an upward swing while batters and bowlers are touching new horizon day bay day. There was a time when scoring an individual double ton in one-day internationals was a distinct dream but it is no more the case.

Five batsmen have scored a double ton in the fifty over the game with Rohit Sharma leading the race after landing it twice in his career so far. There are several cricketers in the modern era who have the capability of touching a 300-run milestone in the near future. It is going to be a day of great joy for the cricket fraternity if this is achieved in some time from now onwards.

Here is the list of six batsmen who can score 300 runs in the fifty over the game.

    Sudipta Biswas is a 27 year old cricket fan.He started watching the game when Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid made their debut. Once had a dream of playing for the nation, now aspires to be a sports journo ! You can contact him @sudipta88dip on Twitter.

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