The advent of social media bridges the gap between fans and celebrities and this applies to cricket as well. It is not unusual to see fans engage in a direct conversation with their cricketing idols these days through different platforms, the most prevalent one being twitter.
While most comments from fans around the world appreciate their favourite players, there are instances when things start entering the territory of personal attack and sarcasm. Most of the time, the stars prefer to ignore the negativity or at best, post an overall response requesting fans to ease engagement in such acts.
However, there are also times when cricketers take it on themselves to respond to comments from individual fans.
Here are five sich instance fans got epic replies from their heroes.
5) Stuart Broad’s tearing reply to a critical Aussie fan
The Ashes series between Australia and England draws banter between cricketers and fans from both England and Australia. It has increased even more due to the easy access of social media that gives a chance to the fans to make their feelings known to the players. However, the cricketers to have had their opinions to share on comments made by fans just like Stuart Broad did to an Australian fan in 2013.
The fan, who was obviously was not happy as were Australia tormented at the hands of England, tweeted to Broad asking why he can’t walk when he is out. The England bowler was not at all impressed by this and responded by questioning whether the Aussies do it and calling the fan a hypocrite.
A fan tweeted: “ Can’t you walk when you get out.”
Broad’s reply: “ Like your player do? You are just a pathetic hypocrite.”

4 Rohit Sharma’s shares his preferred nickname with fan

Rohit Sharma’s performance in his early days international cricket was willy nelly. So there are fans who did not waste the chance to troll the Indian opener if he failed to perform. A few months back, Rohit Sharma gave a perfect example of how easily such fans can be handled. During a Q&A session on Twitter, one of the fans asked Rohit about which one among “hit man” and “maggi man” is his favourite nickname. Instead of getting angry or reacting aggressively to such a stupid comment, Sharma made it known to the fan that he prefers “hitman” as a nickname.

3) Jimmy Neesham’s classic response to a complaining fan

New Zealand batsman Jimmy Neesham is one of the most popular cricketers due to his involvement with fans and some witty tweets. However, there have also been times when Neesham has shut the mouth of fans who have gone overboard in their criticism. It was the India-Pakistan clash of the 2015 World Cup and a Pakistani fan was unhappy with a review going India’s way, so he tweeted a hashtag named IndianCheaters to Jimmy Neesham’s page. The Kiwi Southpaw responded by pointing out that asking for a review does not qualify someone as cheater

2) MS Dhoni’s polite bomb to a disgruntled fan

If there is one cricketer who is best at putting across his point in the most politically correct manner, it has to be India’s limited over captain MS Dhoni. An instance from 2012 relating to a conversation between Dhoni and a Twitter fan provides ample proof of this fact. The fan tweeted on MSD’s Twitter page about how he hopes that the star cricketer knows how much people hate him, he being one of the haters. Dhoni was quick to respond when he commented that even though the fan didn’t like him, hate was quite a strong word to sue but he won’t complain as it is the fan’s choice.

1) Ravichandran Ashwin’s scathing attack on critical fan

This is one of the most recent incidents of cricketers responding to awry comments from fans on social media sites. A fan posted a comment on Ravichandran Ashwin’s Twitter page criticising him on doing well only in Asian conditions and being a waste in foreign conditions and also about there being many other bowlers better than him. Ashwin did not take too kindly to this and responded to the fan asking him to worry about his kids’ education rather than being concerned about him and also asking whether the off-spinner had taken his permission before taking up cricket. Fan tweet: “you can show your performance only in Asia … Foreign condition you are waste there are many bowlers perform more that u”

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