Gautam Gmabhir vent his anger over Delhi govt as the city is waterlogged

Gautam Gambhir trolls Arvind Kejriwal!

Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir is irritated with the present condition of the Capital city of India- New Delhi. The left-handed cricketer took the micro-blogging site, twitter, to vent his anger over the Delhi government. The city is waterlogged after several hours of rain. The cricketer pointed his finger towards Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal as the later is yet to do anything to resolve this basic civic problem.

Gambhir in his twitter account said that the capital is “sinking”. “नादान परिंदे घर आजा.. Rains came from Kerala, CM couldn’t make it from Punjab..टूटी सड़कें बुरा हाल, कहाँ खो गए केजरीवाल,” Gautam Gambhir retweeted a man.

Gambhir in a series of the tweet blamed the apathy of municipality board who “fail” to solve “basic civic troubles”. In his tweet, “Maybe it’s time we started buying boats in Delhi since the authorities responsible can’t solve basic civic troubles! Delhi Rains.”

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