Greatest Indian cricketers who didn’t get any farewell match

Top 6 Indian cricketers who did not get farewell they deserved

  • Dravid and Laxman
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    Some cricketers are lucky enough to be given a farewell match for them.

    When Sachin Tendulkar finally retired in 2013, he managed to put the entire nation stopping in its track to watch him sporting India colours for the last time. When Saurav Ganguly played his final Test, Dhoni actually let him captain the innings for a bit. Anil Kumble also got a standing ovation as he had already announced, it would be his last test.

    However, if you go through the Indian cricketing history, some cricketers are not that lucky. Some of them even step into their final Tests without any idea that it may be their last Test. And in a few years, they are scrapped unceremoniously, eventually having no other choice but announcing their retirement after being kept aside for a long time.

    Here is a list of the top 5 greatest Indian cricketers who didn’t get an opportunity to enjoy a farewell Test for themselves. They didn’t get carried around the stadium, they didn’t have the commentators briefing highly of their past achievements.

    These cricketers’ last day on the cricket field was just another day for them, nothing special.

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