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I am an Ajmal fan: Sunil Gavaskar

  • Sunil Gavaskar, the former Indian batsman and captain is the latest in the list of ex-cricketers who have praised Ajmal. He has called the suspended spinner as a magician. 

    He added that it has been a delight to watch Ajmal bowl and also added that this would certainly not please batsman who have been dismissed by him at some point of time in their career. He also added that Ajmal has led to end up careers of several International batsman who found him difficult to play, either in the initial stage of their career  or during the struggling period.

    Talking on Ajmal’s recovery and coming back to international cricket, he said that he is not on the younger side and this means that it won’t be easy for him to come back but added that Ajmal has promised to get his action right and return back to international cricket. Gavaskar also said that cricket needs charecters like Saeed Ajmal .

    Ajmal’s action was under scrutiny since his debut in the International cricket and this has always led him not to get the credit he deserved for planning out a dismissal , something which Muralitharan also suffered during his time. Ajmal will need the support of his captain and team mates, like how Ranatunga supported Muralitharan in the early phase of his career.

    Gavaskar also said that there’s no point over reporting a bowler’s action after the match, especially after the bowler has won the match for his team . Instead , the captain should be told during the match itself if the umpire feels that the action is not correct and if the captain continues to use him, he should be called.

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