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India-Pakistan series unlikely

  • Political activities once again seem to have taken their toll on the relations of the Indo-Pak cricketing authorities. Just when things looked optimistic about the resumption of the highly anticipated rivalry, things went southwards when a political party in Mumbai attacked the BCCI headquarters and demanded the PCB officials to retreat.

    Rajiv Shukla, a prominent member of the BCCI said that he met PCB head Shahryar Khan at his residence and spoke about the matter. “It was a courtesy call, we exchanged pleasantries, and there were no official talks. Whatever talks happen will be done by the BCCI President, he will take a final call on these matters,” Shukla said after meeting Khan.

    Shukla also added that there was absolutely no certainty of the India- Pakistan series taking place as scheduled. “The series, whether it will happen or not, where it will happen, how it will happen, will be decided only after talks if at all the talks take place. We should not jump to conclusions. The process of dialogue should be on. When that dialogue will happen is up to the BCCI President,” he said.

    Shukla also criticized the Shiv Sena was its actions on Monday, that disrupted the talks between the BCCI and the PCB. “Storming the BCCI office and creating a situation where talks cannot happen is not right,” Shukla said.

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