India's all-time best Test XI

India’s all-time best Test XI

  • India's all-time best Test XI
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    India’s cricketing history on international arena is as rich as it is colourful chapters. A country which still reckons its national sport as something bordering on religion boosts with a passion for cricket like no other country on earth has never shown.

    Yet unlike England and Australia, India’s journey at the forefront of the game itself has been to be frankly speaking a far more recent occurrence, keeping an eye on the fact that this nation played its first Test until 1932.

    Consequently, the greatest XI from India is more heavily attached towards the modern era than most. In fact, the epic rise of India’s national cricket team has actually coincided with the nation’s emergence as a global superpower in a relatively wider sense of the term.

    So who are India’s finest ever players? Who makes it into the greatest ever Test team?

    Let’s take a quick look.

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