The umpire Decision Review System (DRS) has been a controversial topic in the cricket fraternity. Even as technology improves to a colossal extent day by day, it still can’t be utilized in cricket completely. While some nations and cricket boards are in full favour of implementing the system, and one highly influential boards opposes its existence, which makes it really complicated to comprehend the system.

The BCCI’s stance on the DRS has always been in the negative. Several head honchos of the BCCI have been stern critics of the DRS, citing its flaws. In ICC’s annual meeting in Barbados, once again the issue regarding the DRS came to light. The flaws within the system were assessed, and the possible measures to overcome the flaws were looked upon as well.

However, India’s views on the DRS remain unaffected and the BCCI continues to oppose the functioning of the system. Dave Richardson, the chief executive of the ICC spoke about the DRS recently. “The ICC has said it would prefer to have a consistent DRS system used wherever international series are played. However, there is one Member who does not want to use it. And until we have everyone seeing from the same hymn sheet in that regard it remains upto the host board to pay for the technology that is used in a series. So that is why in some series you have got the full works: ball tracking, Hot Spot, snicko, you name it and in others series they have to do with less,” Richardson said.

Richardson also said that the system wasn’t without flaws, but there could be improvement in the future. “We are not there yet. But to that end we trying to take the approach of making sure everyone has full faith or full belief that the technology that we use is accurate and reliable.”

“Hopefully they will now put those testing processes in place, finalise those, then we can put our various technologies through the testing process, come out with a clean chit. If everyone is saying they are accurate, they are fit for purpose which will help, I think, convince some doubters that technology is not what it is cracked up to be,” Richardson added.

Richardson though, said that the players would embrace the system in the future as it could be only option. “But having said that, times change, players move on. The modern player is more amenable to new ideas and innovation. So who knows, in the next couple of years.”


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