A kid named Kevin wrote a very touching letter to England cricketer Kevin Pietersen stating how Kevin Pietersen is the only player who admires as a player and gives the game some ‘Swagger’. The kid also stated how it costs a lot to have a one-to-one session with his idol but unfortunately he hasn’t been able to save the required amount till now. 

Kevin Pietersen took time to read the letter and was very touched and decided to give Kevin an one-on-one session with him. 


Kevin Pietersen stated this on his Official Social network site – 

“I received this letter at my signing session last night. I have never profited from a one-on-one. Only ever done them for charity but this letter touched me. I would be delighted to coach you at The Oval and I will organise all your transport so that it doesn’t cost you a penny, Rohan!”

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