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New Zealand PM backs Sikhs on wearing kirpans at cricket matches

  • New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key on Monday condemned the decision taken by International Cricket Council to ban the entry of Kirpans in the stadium, on monday.

    Seven Sikh fans carrying Kripan were prohibited from entering the stadium during the match between India and Zimbabwe, at the Eden Park on Saturday, with the ICC recognising the Kirpan as a weapon instead of a religious symbol borne by the Sikhs.

    New Zealand prime minister expressed disappointment over this decision calling Kripan an innocuous instrument and that other things available in the stadium like wine bottles were far more menacing.

    However he also added that it was the ICC’s tournament and they had no option but to abide by the rules.

    Daljit Singh, chairman of the Sikh Supreme Council expressed his displeasure over this decision, mentioning that they were a diminutive community of 500 who had already bought tickets to the world cup semifinal matches, but were apprehensive that they would not be allowed to enter, feeling that the New Zealand government had imposed no restrictions on them and the ICC should also follow the la of the land.

    Key also said he wanted the government to look at making an exemption in aviation rules for the kirpan.



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