Pakistani model reveals her love for MS Dhoni

Pakistani model reveals her love for MS Dhoni

  • Mathira Mohammad

    With his calm temperament, Mahendra Singh Dhoni hasn’t only received so many laurels for the Indian cricket team but also has increased his fan base along the way with an incredible personality.

    The latest to join his fan list is Pakistani model Mathira Mohammad.

    According to several reports, the model recently revealed one of the instances where she was completely bowled over by Captain Cool’s calmness.

    Recalling that memorable incident of her life, Mathira revealed in one of India’s tour to Pakistan, she was in the middle of her dinner in a hotel where players from both the India and Pakistan were staying. She went to take autographs from Pakistani cricketers, who obliged her, but not without passing some harsh comments. Pakistani cricketers also take a dig at her for disturbing them while they were having dinner.

    While she got very upset with the Pakistani cricketer’s remarks, one of the Indian cricketers out of nowhere called her to give his autograph on her cap. The cricketer was none other than MS Dhoni.

    Dhoni also requested her to sit down for a while and relax.

    Interestingly, Mathira often grabs the headlines in Pakistani media because of her massive praise for India’s limited-overs skipper.

    This is not the first time Pakistani glamour-girls have expressed their love for Indian cricket stars. Earlier, another Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch was also all over the news ever since she expressed her fondness for Indian cricket’s poster boy Virat Kohli.

    The Pakistani model posted a video asking Virat Kohli to leave Anushka and choose her in place. She showed her love for Virat and called him very charming. She even sent him a kiss to come to her.

    Before this, she made headlines when she made a video that she will strip if Pakistan cricket team wins against India in the T20, where Pakistan lost against India and saved her from stripping.

    Looks like Indian cricket stars have become ladykillers to Pakistan’s glamour world!

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