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Pakistani stars involved in controversy again

  • Akmal

    Umar Akmal and Ahmed Shehzad, often termed as the future of Pakistan cricket, were involved in separate controversies yet again. In different incidents, Shehzad was first found guilty of throwing his temper tantrums when he allegedly smashed a mirror in his team’s dressing room. Shehzad did so, in an act of frustration, as he was dismissed for 79 in the Pakistan Cup and missed out on his century.

    Umar Akmal on the other hand, was involved in a petty brawl at a theatre in Faisalabad. Akmal was in a theatre with some of his close friends, when he asked the authorities to play a certain song. However, on being refused, Akmal allegedly had a brawl with the members of the theatre over the matter.

    This is not the first time when both individuals have been found guilty of misconducts. Akmal previously was held guilty for fighting with a traffic police officer, while Shehzad had reportedly abused Pakistan’s fielding coach during the 2015 ICC World Cup.

    A source close to the PCB revealed that both individuals were involved in fights. “Umar Akmal was reportedly involved in a brawl at a theatre in Faisalabad after he demanded a song to be replayed. The administration’s reluctance to oblige resulted in the fight,” said the source.

    Regarding the episode about Ahmed Shehzad, the source added, “Ahmed Shehzad was roped into a controversy for his inappropriate behaviour during a Pakistan Cup Match on Sunday. He smashed the dressing room’s window to vent his anger after failing to score a century against Balochistan.”

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