The muscle-flexing between the Board of Cricket Control in India versus the Committee of Administrators appointed by the Supreme Court has resulted in the cricketer gaining high rewards as it was announced today that the incentive of the Indian cricket team has been doubled from Rs. 50 Lakhs to 1 Crores.

The perks declared are for the India’s recent Test victory over Australia in the Border-Gavaskar Series.

The decision was taken at the Special General Meeting (SGM) and was in opposition to the COA’s decision of paying Indian team members Rs 50 lakh on a pro-rata basis (as per no of matches played).

“The BCCI SGM today passed the unanimous resolution that players who were a part of Australia series win should get double the incentive. Hence they will now be paid Rs 1 crore instead of Rs 50 lakh,” a state unit functionary told PTI after attending the meeting.

The BCCI members have clearly indicated that the general body holds the powers to make any decision on financial incentive and the COA cannot interfere in such matter. An official also went on to express that the BCCI general body was pro-players and has always tried to act in favour the cricketers.

“The statutory rule is to pass any decision pertaining to finance through General body meeting. The amount of incentive decided by the COA was not passed by the General body. Also, an impression was given that BCCI members are against incentive. The decision proves we are pro-players,” the official said.

While COA has powers to resolve any financial dispute, the board members are of the opinion that Vinod Rain and Co won’t have any problems if players get double the money.

Earlier this month, there were reports of Indian players were unhappy with the retainer fees after the new annual contract were released. In March, the BCCI doubled the fees of all contracted players to 2 crores, one crore and 50 lakhs respectively for the three graded contract structure (Grade A, B and C).

The revised pay structure did not fulfil the expectations of the players and experts. Ravi Shastri, the former Team director, termed the retainer fees as ‘peanuts’ as compared to the sums received by cricketers from top cricket boards like Australia, England and South Africa.

The COA chief Vinod Rai later commented that he had successful meetings with Virat Kohli and Coach Anil Kumble over the issue and the issue was being sorted out.


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