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PM Modi talked about cricket in Durban

  • “Thank you very much, for your wonderful welcome to this beautiful city,”India Prime Minister Narendra Modi told at the civic reception in Durban. Today PM Modi is addressing a gathering of Indian people in Durban.

    He knows how to capture the attention of people. PM Modi said, “Being in South Africa, especially in Durban , if I don’t talk about cricket, it would be a no ball.” He told it at his civic reception in the South African city as spectators cheered and applauded his wittiness.

    “Love for this game runs wide and deep in our societies and cricket is an important part of our relations,” PM Modi added. The Prime Minister was hosted jointly by the High Commissioner and Mayor of Durban.

    “Durban is the largest Indian city outside India, and is home to the largest population of people of Indian origin in South Africa,” he said while addressing the gathering.

    In his address, PM Modi also highlighted the shared challenges and limitations of the two countries and stressed the importance of a strong partnership. He also pointed out India’s journey of growth and development and called it ‘one of the brightest spots’ of today’s world.

    “While our challenges in the 21st century may have changed, our developmental concerns are common. In our inter-dependent world India’s growth story is one of the brightest spots,” he said.

    Earlier in the day, he made a historic train journey which was once taken by Mahatma Gandhi, boarding the train from Pentrich Railway Station to Pietermaritzburg.

    Modi is on the second leg of a five-day African trip which began in Mozambique and will also take him to Tanzania and Kenya — an itinerary designed to underline India’s growing engagement with the continent.

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