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Rahul Dravid’s son copies South African superstar

  • Rahul Dravid might have been one of the greatest batsmen the game has ever seen but his sons Samit and Anvay follow the antics of a certain AB de Villiers.

    AB de Villiers enjoys a humongous support in India. Whether you are old or young you will fall in love with the batsman from South Africa who plays his own brand of cricket and has redefined the sport in the recent era. And thanks to the IPL De Villiers has become a household name and when that man walks out to bat no matter which team he plays for the crowd chants his name with all their hearts. And the Dravid household too hasn’t escaped the enigma of this superstar.

    In an interview Dravid revealed that his sons try to emulate the prolific batsman and said that I see my sons playing, and they are always trying to play the shots AB does. Like all young players, they try and copy him but soon realize that it is not that easy to do”

    Keeping up with the image of the father, the Dravid kids are creating a buzz with their cricketing talent. Surely their father teaches the kids the values of the sport and tries to inculcate in them the same spirit of cricket with which he played the game all these years, when asked about coaching his kids, Mr. Dependable said that “I do not try to coach Samit much; I just want him to enjoy it and just play the game, have some fun with it

    He might be “The Wall” but like all kids of this generation De Villers appeals to them more. “He is incredibly still at the crease and even if he moves he gets in really good positions. And obviously has great hand-eye co-ordination. He can probably pick up line and length quickly than lot of people right now” Dravid said when asked about the reason behind the success of AB de Villiers.

    AB de Villiers is a master in his own right and has become one of the biggest icons of cricket today and rightfully so!

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