Ravi Shastri Bats For Providing Facilities To Youngsters In Other Sports As Well

Ravi Shastri Bats For Providing Facilities To Youngsters In Other Sports As Well

  • The former Indian captain and an articulate personality with a mic in hand, Ravi Shastri has batted for providing facilities to the younger in other sports as well. Shastri cited the example of BCCI and asked other sporting bodies to keep BCCI as the epitome of success and cut out a leaf from BCCI’s book to make champions from other sports as well,

    “If you want to cut and paste something out of cricket into other sports it is very simple. Ask this question to the youngster who is training to become an Olympic champion: Is he or she getting the same facility as a player from overseas. In cricket, I don’t care what Australia has, what England has, India is up there 90 per cent, so they might have that 10 per cent extra,” Shastri said.

    “But I want to see other sports (up there). Is the gap only 10 percent? I would say it is 70 per cent. So give those facilities to the youngsters and have the right people watching them like a hawk and you will see results,” he added.

    Shastri termed BCCI as one of the best sporting bodies in the world and praised efforts of the board to take the game to small towns,

    “The system (that BCCI) has is as good as any in the world if not the best. There is an opportunity with the money coming in through television. You are getting more and more facilities for people who did not have facilities like in Ranchi, Visakhapatnam, Dharamsala, Rajkot.

    “For a guy in Rajkot to become big, you don’t have to go to Ahmedabad or Baroda to play a game, even though Saurashtra had the odd ground. What television has done is, it has taken the game into the drawing rooms where people are being educated about the game,” said Shastri.

    Surely, the way other sporting bodies work in India, they can take a lesson from the board running cricket in the country as we only see those bodies coming into action at the time of Commonwealth Games and Olympics. Other sports too need the attention that BCCI gives to it players and if this thing happens, then India have a bright future in the sporting world.

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