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Sachin Tendulkar Was Once Tampering The Ball With His Nails – Younis Khan

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    The Background:

    The Port Elizabeth Test between India and South Africa in 2001 was marred by several controversies and the ball-tampering incident Sachin Tendulkar was perhaps the biggest of all.

    Former England skipper Mike Denness, who was the match referee, referred to a video of Tendulkar running his fingers on the seam. To the naked eyes, it seemed quite implausible that Tendulkar could have changed the ball’s condition in any way and India star himself said that he was only trying to take out the dirt from the seam in wet conditions.

    However, Denness found Tendulkar guilty of ball-tampering and handed him a one-match ban. Later, the International Cricket Council (ICC) had accepted that Tendulkar was cleaning the ball without the umpire’s permission rather than ball tampering.

    “It’s still an offence but it’s not as serious as ball tampering,” a statement from the ICC had stated.

    The Story:

    The incident is a thing of the past now and Sachin has come out clean from it. However, former Pakistan batsman Younis Khan has dug out the old graves and has made some shocking allegations. Referring to the infamous incident in Port Elizabeth, the batting legend not only claimed that Tendulkar had tampered with the ball but also said that some players get away with it due to strong cricket boards.

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    “Ball tampering happens, people do it in different ways. England and Australia use a gum or a sweet to shine the ball. Du Plessis did it with his zipper and even Sachin was once doing it with his nails but these things weren’t paid much attention to because of the strong cricket boards. If any extreme or obvious tampering is done, it should be stopped so that future generations and the kids know it’s wrong,” he said in an interview with

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