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Shahrukh Khan not to watch Kanpur ODI from the stadium

  • Shahrukh Khan, the co-owner of Kolkata Knightriders had expressed his desire of watching the 1st ODI between India and South Africa from the stadium. But the concerned bodies for the securities have made it clear that they won’t be able to provide him any special security for the match , thus ruling out Shahrukh’s presence from the match. The match will be played on 11th of October and will the 1st of th 5 match ODI series.

    ADM of Kanpur, Avinash Singh said that UP Cricket Association had asked for the permission for Shahrukh Khan, but due to security reasons, the plan has been rejected. Police officials have made it clear that they already be busy handling the entire city on thematch day, including the traffic and the fans in the stadium and won’t be able to provide extra security to Shahrukh Khan.

    Also, after what happened at Barabbati Stadium at Cuttack, they won’t take any chance of negligence. Earlier, it got tough for the police to control the fans while they were in the line for buying the match tickets. 

    Shahrukh Khan was given a ban by  the Mumbai Cricket Association andwas not allowed to watch the match from the stadium, after he mis-behaved with some of the officials during an IPL match. The ban was lifted in August this year

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