Former India captain and BCCI president Sunil Gavaskar feels some “action is due” in the controversy that happened in the 1st Test match in Trent Bridge between James Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja where Anderson allegedly pushed Ravindra Jadeja. Gavaskar termed the incident as “not good for the game”.

“I feel some action is due as prevention is better than cure. I think that the talks between two sides have failed as it has not dissolved anything. The Judicial Commission needs to come in with necessary investigation,” Gavaskar told NDTV today.

Gavaskar detained that this incident could be one party`s word against the other.

“What happened in the lead-up to the dressing room is something that even TV cameras won`t be able to spot. So it will be one man`s word against the other,” he commented.

The fabulous opener feels that the mentality in a few quarters about these things “being good for the game” has prompted more such occurrences.

“I have seen individuals say that “Oh, it`s good for the game”. It`s never good for the game. Likewise it`s completely mistaken to say that it has been a piece of the game for quite some time. Since quite a few people have escaped with these things prior, we have a tendency to feel that one can escape with these things,” he said.

He refered to the case of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal expressing that “one would never see Federer abusing Nadal regardless of the possibility that he finds that the other has got lucky with a point. In the event that it doesn`t happen in tennis, then why would it be advisable for it to happen in cricket?”

The 65-year-old veteran said that he has been long enough in the cricketing world to comprehend that things have come to such a stage where cricketers are getting physical with one another and setting terrible examples for the coming generations.

“I have played more than one Test to realize that there will dependably be a bit of talk however it has never come to such a circumstance prior. Occasionally, a bowler would escape however not at all like what we see today. Presently, youths viewing this would feel that this is decent.”

Gavaskar feels that a match referee should speak with the opponent skippers before the beginning of the match and let them know in no questionable terms that “I simply need bat and ball to do the talking and no other talking”.

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