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Swansea Cricket League set to disbanded

  • After 82 since its inception, Swansea Cricket League is all set to get disbanded as apathy has forced Swansea Central Cricket League officials to reluctantly call it a day. Out of the 30 teams across four divisions, only five have the interest to continue.

    Among those five teams, Tower and Penygroes decided to merge together and eventually that decision backfired. It left the league with just three teams, Waunarlwydd, Bryn and Dunvant Rugby and an inevitable decision to make.

    Swansea Cricket League Secretary John Hunt said Interest has gone. We have reluctantly decided to finish it. It is very sad that after 80 odd years it has come to an end. It does hurt. We are going to keep the league account going for another 12 months in the hope that there could be new interest in re-starting the league next year. I wrote to quite a few clubs hoping that they would want to take part. But cricket is under pressure. The longer the soccer season is the harder it is.

    Former Tower player and secretary Mike Durke said that they are facing a cricket crisis in Swansea.

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