In a bid to make cricket one of the strongest ingredients of sports in Japan, which has baseball as quite a familiar sport in the county after a significant emergence in the field of science and technology where they’ve excelled in the recent past, the city of Sano in Tochigi Prefecture is looking forward to collaborate with the Japan Cricket Association (JSCA) to introduce cricket handbook in April in around 26 elementary schools, that would provide opportunities to youngsters in the city – to further focus on the niceties of the game.

The 38-year-old General Secretary of JCA Noaki Miyaji said they’re planning to introduce cricket manual at the elementary level in order to make people aware about the sport and further organize tournaments at the junior level while making combined efforts – to allow children to play cricket.

“We want to get cricket introduced into as many school as possible, and increase the number of Japanese people playing the sport,” Miyaji was quoted as saying by The Mainchi.

The recently framed book gives introduction of the basic rules of the game, which would further help readers by charts and photographs.

Given this, the book also has a section which has been named as the ‘ cricket lesson plans for beginners’.

“In the future, we would like to create elementary and junior high school cricket tournaments,” Miyaji added.

However, the 33-year-old school teacher Tatsuya Hayashi said the game would help youngsters to focus on their skills while batting, bowling or throwing the ball, according to The Mainichi.

Cricket was somehow introduced very late in Japan as the formation has brought some cricketers in the country, where they are setting a tune for a bat and ball game.

Interestingly, Japan has been an Associate Member of the ICC since 2005. In the East-Asia Pacific region, the headquarters of the Japan Cricket Association (JCA) is in Tokyo.

The JCA is further aiming to make cricket popular in the country like it already is in India, England, Australia and Pakistan – by introducing an instruction manual in elementary schools to make students study the rules and regulations of the game and make it one of the features of the sport as somehow it had gained the foothold in recent past.


    Tahir Ibn Manzoor is a staffer at, who follows cricket like food after listening to running commentary on a transistor radio when he was only eight, and penned down the scorecard when he turned 11. He Tweets @TahirIbnManzoor

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