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Teams with 100% win record against an another team in World Cup

  • The recent World Cup advertisement to promote the most awaited India v/s Pakistan match has again reminded the people that India has never lost to Pakistan in a World Cup match. But it’s not just India that has a 100% win record against an opposition in World Cups. It’s not just one or two teams, there are as many 4 instances where a team has 100% win record against an opposition.

    Let us take a look at the stats as we discuss the team further:

    Winning Team

    Losing Team

    Face to Face in WC



    Sri Lanka


    1975, 1983 (2), 1987 (2), 1992, 2011




    1992, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2011

    South Africa



    1992, 1999, 2011

    South Africa



    1992, 1996, 1999

    *Stats updated till the end of 2011 Cricket World Cup

    This is probably one stat you didn’t know about so far. Pakistan has played against Sri Lanka for 7 times in the World Cup and every time the Pakistani team has emerged to be the winner. Following which we have India and Pakistan and as everyone knows on all 5 instances India have beaten Pakistan. Finally we have the South African team, they have beaten both India and Pakistan thrice each in the World Cup.

    This time around there are chances of few records turning around in the early stages of the World Cup. On 15th February, 2015 India would face Pakistan and there is a chance for the team in green to break this run. Moreover this would be the first time when Sachin wouldn’t be featuring in India vs Pakistan match in the World Cup.

    India would also face South Africa in the group stage, again a chance for the India team to set the record right as previously they have never beaten them, not even in the 2011 World Cup. But another reason to worry is that South African team is in its best forms and on the other side India team is still struggling to get its combination right.

    This World Cup promises a lot more action than just these matches and for all updates stay connected for even more exciting stats. 

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