N Srinivasan is back to chair an informal meeting to decide BCCI's future.

The Committee of Administrators (COA) has yet again taken a dig at BCCI’s old policy and has asked the Supreme Court to scrutinise the “disruptive and subversive conduct of some of the disqualified office bearers who were inhibiting the board from implementing the Lodha Committee recommendations.

In its 4th status report, the COA who has appointed by the Supreme Court has taken the name of office bearers N Srinivasan and Niranjan Shah to be the people problematic towards the Lodha Committee recommendations. The Supreme Court will consider the report on 14th July. As per the Lodha Report accepted by the Supreme Court Srinivasan and Shah had already become ineligible to continue as the head of Tamil Nadu and Saurashtra Cricket Association because they were over the prescribed age of 70.

Despite the restriction, the duo has found ways to get involved in the administration and have also attended important board meetings, the most recent being the Special General Meetings (SGM) on  May 7 and June 26 respectively.

“From an audio recording of the SGM, it appears that such disqualified person was able to effectively hijack proceedings at the SGM by prevailing upon other attendees (who may have been otherwise willing to facilitate the reform process) to either support the cause of such disqualified person or remain silent,” the COA said.

“In this manner, such disqualified persons are effectively able to do indirectly what they have been prohibited by this Hon’ble Court from doing directly. Such disqualified persons have a vested interest in stalling implementation of the Judgement because, if the Judgment is implemented, such disqualified person will have to relinquish control over their respective State/Member Associations,” the CoA further added.

The COA also took notice of the fact that among the three existing office bearers, only Amitabh Choudhary urged the members to take “concrete steps” to make sure the reforms were implemented at the SGM on June 26. The CoA said that another member Anirudh Chaudhary was a “mute spectator, lacking courage and conviction” to support Lodha Committee’s recommendations.

Meanwhile, Ravi Shastri was appointed as the Head Coach of Team India till the 2019 World Cup with Zaheer Khan as the bowling consultant. Rahul Dravid has also been chosen as a batting consultant on specific foreign tours.


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