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Things have changed a lot: Dhoni, recalling his good old days

  • When Mahendra Singh Dhoni has rung a bell in that September evening when he obtained the captaincy of the Indian national cricket team, all he could see is a journey that he began by leading team India to the ICC World Twenty20 victory in Johannesburg in 2007 and he keeps going on by maintaining the same compactness. But he has passed on the nod that things have varied a lot surely, as gradually time passes.

    He has been taken if anything got changed insomuch as he was a budding new captain back in 2007, he replied, “Well, I could find out the media galore out here and so it was back then.”

    “No one took the tournament with forethought back then. It was one team moving from England to South Africa, at the same time another group arrived from India. Everyone used to take the format in a jesting manner. They would mic-up the players. There was a bowl-out then. We adapted a lot of bowl-outs and went on a spree. We won against Pakistan in a bowl out.” Dhoni remembered tenderly to the sources of NDTV.

    Dhoni believes that a lot of changes have rolled in during this period. “Today when I look at the mirror, I can take in a great deal of gray beard!” He made a jovial reply. “In point of fact a lot has been changed. The game has remoulded much more impassioned right away. The hitters are trying to work all those Avant-grade shots.”

    When the captain has been taken about the thrust of anticipation, he stated that there is no conflict if one person is expecting or a few billion people. “It’s like having 100 kg, sail through you. That’s just enough to tear one down. Later that even you put a mountain, it will make no discrepancy.”  

    The ‘gentlemen’s game’ is a game of number; howbeit Dhoni does not require to pick out every attempt and performance with respect to statistics. “Judging every performance with statistics is a difficult thing to manage,” Dhoni said when he has been asked about Ravindra Jadeja’s performance in the current World Cup.

    Although the Saurashtra all-rounder has picked up wickets, he has also been hit for runs. “Look everybody gets off. It depends on the kind of strokes that the batsman is running. If it’s a rash shot that goes for boundary, then the bowler is not managing a bad task. Only if you have to judge, whether it is a defective delivery or a good nip. That’s what I attempt to analyse standing behind the pulpits,” Dhoni signed off.




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