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TNCA protested Manohar’s “big three” stance

  • The TNCA (Tamil Nadu Cricket Association) has strongly protested over the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) President Shashank Manohar’s “big three” stance.

    TNCA secretary Kasi Viswanathan has written a letter to the BCCI by asking whether Shashank Manohar had told the ICC board that he was willing to dilute the BCCI stake on powerful committees of the world body and revise the contribution costs the BCCI was supposed to gain from the formula worked out by the Big Three, which was approved in 2014.

    In the earlier times, after replacing Srinivasan as ICC chairman, Manohar claimed that he did not agree with the Big Three boards – the BCCI, the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) and CA (Cricket Australia). Manohar had also suggested to the Full Members that he would speak to the BCCI about the possibility of giving up about 6% of India’s 22% share of ICC revenues back to the world body.

    Viswanathan questioned that how Manohar could make such statements without having discussed to the BCCI members at first.

    Viswanathan questioned Manohar, “Is it true that you have made any statements in the ICC giving up BCCI’s permanent membership in the ICC Committees? Have you made any commitments to the ICC on BCCI’s share of contribution costs? If the answer to one or both of the above questions is in the affirmative, kindly let me know under what authority have you taken this decision when this matter has not been discussed in either the Working Committee meeting or the General Body meeting of BCCI held recently?”

    According to a Srinivasan camp member, “He [Manohar] said he never committed to asking for less money and that he hasn’t given up [BCCI’s rightful share]. He said, ‘In order to protect our interests, instead of giving up 21 percent, I said I will share something and make sure we get at least 16 to 17 percent. That’s the deal I want to do.’ He told me that.”

    The camp member further added, “He told me, ‘I can assure you I never mooted this idea. I told them I can’t take a decision without consulting the members’.”

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