Throughout the years we have witnessed a versatile range of Test Matches. Some were highly exciting, some were least competitive, some went down to the wire and a few of them even got tied. There has been a certain number of Collapses in Test Cricket. Here is a list of the Top 10 Lowest Ever Test Innings by a Team.

10. South Africa, 1889: Runs Scored: 43  It was a 3-day test and the match was played at Cape Town. In reply to England’s 292 runs innings, South Africa got bundled for 47 runs in the 1st innings. After being enforced follow-on, South Africa managed to score just 43 runs in the 2nd innings and were bundled. Johnny Briggs took 8 wickets for England in the second innings. South Africa lost the match by an innings and 202 runs.

9. India, 1974: Runs Scored: 42  It was India’s tour to England and the test match was held at Lord’s. India were bundled for just 42 runs by the English bowlers in the 3rd innings of the match. Chris Old took a 5 wicket haul in that innings and England won the test by a margin of an innings and 285 runs.

8. Australia, 1888: Runs Scored: 42  It was in the early days of Test cricket when a test match was held for timeless span. Australia got bundled for 42 runs in the 4th innings against England. George Lohmann and Bobby Peel  took 5 wickets each and England won the match by 126 runs.

7. New Zealand, 1946: Runs Scored: 42  New Zealand played that match against the mighty Aussies and they were bundled for only 42 runs. Bill O’ Reilly was the predominant bowler for the Aussies and he took 5 wickets in that innings. Australia won by an innings and 103 runs.

6. Australia, 1902: Runs Scored: 36 It was the 1902 Ashes. The Aussies were bundled for 36 in their first innings. Wilfred Rhodes broke the backbone of the Aussie batting line up and he took 7 wickets in the innings. Australia recovered well in the second innings and the match was drawn.

5. South Africa, 1932: Runs Scored: 36 The match was against Australia at Melbourne and South Africa managed to score just 36 runs in the 1st innings of the test match. Bert Ironmonger was the main striker for Australia and had a good hand behind this humiliation. He took 5 wickets by giving just 6 runs and Australia won the match by an innings and 72 runs.

4: South Africa, 1899: Runs Scored: 35 The Match was played at Newlands Cape Town and South Africa had to score 245 runs in the 4th innings of the match against England. They managed to score just 35 runs and were bowled out by then. Schofield Haigh was the pick of the bowlers for England and he took 6 wickets by conceding 11 runs. England won the match by 210 runs.

3. South Africa, 1924: Runs Scored: 30 South Africa was bowled out at a score of just 30 runs against England at Birmingham in 1924. They were all down for 30 in their first innings. Arthur Gilligan was majorly responsible for such kind of humiliation. He took 6 wickets by giving 7 runs. England won the match by an innings and 18 runs.

2.  South Africa, 1896: Runs Scored: 30 It was a 3-day test and South Africa were bowled out for just 30 runs against England in the 4th innings of the test. George Lohmann, England broke the entire line up of South Africa almost single handedly. He took 8 wickets and gave just 7 runs. England won the match by 288 runs.

1. New Zealand, 1955: Runs Scored: 26  Yes indeed. The number is not an imaginary one. It is a fact. New Zealand managed to score just 26 runs and lost all 10 of their wickets in scoring that. They scored 26 runs in their second innings in the test against England at Auckland in 1955. They batted for 27 overs in scoring that. R. Appleyard was the most successful bowler for England in that innings. He took 4 wickets by giving just 7 runs. England won by an innings and 20 runs in that test.


Here is the summary of the top 10 lowest innings scores by teams:






New Zealand Vs. England


26 (By New Zealand)


South Africa Vs. England


30 (By South Africa)


South Africa Vs. England


30 (By South Africa)


South Africa Vs. England


35 (By South Africa)


South Africa Vs. Australia


36 (By South Africa)


Australia Vs. England


42 (By Australia)


New Zealand Vs. Australia


42 (By New Zealand)


Australia Vs. England


42 (By Australia)


India Vs. England


42 (By India)


South Africa Vs. England


43 (By South Africa)