Top 5 chases by Virat Kohli in international cricket

Top 5 Virat Kohli innings which makes him a chase master

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    Virat Kohli  touched the near impossible in the ninth edition of IPL. The right-handed Royal Challengers Bangalore batsman scored whopping 919 runs while captaining the Bangalore side. He has the first IPL batsman to score four hundred in a season and most 75 surpassing Chris Gayle’s record.

    He not only known for scoring big but also for his chasing down the total skill. Not all the great batsmen have the chasing skill. Even Sachin Tendulkar was not known for his chasing skill. Virat under pressure scored a hundred against Rising Pune Supergiants while chasing a mammoth total.  But chasing is not new to Virat Kohli. Since his debut in international he adapted with chasing.

    Here are top 5 innings which show Virat Kohli as a chase master class in ODIs.

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