Top Ten Impossible catches in cricket

Fielding, the discipline in cricket, has nowadays become as important as batting or bowling. Catches and run outs at crucial moments can change the course of a match. As it is widely said, catches win matches. Over the time, fielders have taken spectacular catches deserving equal credit to a century or 5 wickets. Here are the top 10.

10. Devon Thomas (West Indies)

Devon Thomas took this brilliant catch in Caribbean Premier League (CPL)



9. Adam Lyth and Aaron Finch

The Duo took this awesome catch when Adam Lyth caught the ball and dived into the boundary with and ball but threw it back in the field just before hitting the ground and Aaron Finch dived to catch it.

8. Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina looked not an ordinary man in this catch. Here he jumped and rolled in the air and took the ball in his hands and safely took the catch.

7. James Kirtley

James Kirtley dived much further than anybody could and took the awesome catch.

6. Jordan Silk

Jordan Silk was another man who made an impossible catch.

5. Vasbert Drakes

Vasbert Drakes showed some gymnastic skills and dived backward to take the catch.

4. AB De Villiers

AB De Villiers took this wonderful and difficult catch. Here he dived near the boundary rope missing it by inches and made an impossible catch.

3. Michael Mason and Bevan Small

The duo took the outstanding catch where Michael dived over the boundary rope and threw the ball in air and Bevan Small took the catch.

2. Chris Lynn

Chris Lynn dived backwards on the edge of the boundary missing the rope by centimeters.

1. Kieron Pollard

This has to be the best catch. Kieron Pollard jumped with the ball over the boundary rope and threw the ball back in the field and dived to take the catch by himself.

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