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Two birds with one net : two wickets in one delivery

  • It looks really very easy to bowl a ball but only a bowler knows how strainous it is to deliver a legal ball. Maintaining line and length, understanding pitch, working with pace all at a time, and the ultimate goal is to get a wicket. If a bowler can make a batsman go home, it is a success. But what if two wickets come out of only one delivery? That’s an added bonus and world cricket has had seen such incidents. Here we have for you 3 such occasions when one ball took away two wickets.

    3. Costly run :

    One has to keep track of the ball even when he is running for a run. If not, this happens. See as both the batsmen are just in the middle of the pitch when the ball reaches the wicket keeper. Applying his presence of mind, the keeper throws the ball to the bowler at the non-striker’s end where he stumps out one batsman and throws it back to the keeper who gets the batsman on strike as well. Have a view-

    2. The dream bowler!

    The primary duty of the bowler is to complete his deliveries but a dream bowler is one who contributes in fielding, stumping and stopping th ball as well. Watch here, as the bowler first grabs hold of the ball hit by the batsman to make it a caught and bowled, and then throws it to the non-striker’s to run that batsman out.

    1. Sealed twice !

    To top the list, it’s once again the captain cool of Indian team, MS Dhoni. He is one of the fastest hands behind the stumps is a well known fact and this video proves it. He first makes Jacob Oram caught behind and then just to confirm that he is out, stumps him also. So, Jacob Oram stood dismissed twice in just a single ball.

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