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Video: Andre Russell’s unique way of celebrating McCullum’s wicket

  • West Indies players are world famous for mostly two things – their speciality in T20 and their unique style of celebration. Whether it is their Gangnam style or Champion dance, both of them became hit and West Indies players had a key role in that.

    Yesterday it was not a dance but it was a small act by AndreRussel which gained popularity and is taking social media by storm. It was the last over of the day where the Trinbago team needed 29 runs of the last over. Andre Russel who scored a century in the first innings had this responsibility to save 29 runs and he was bowling to the giant Brendon McCullum who had the courage to do something impossible.

    Russel spent only 2 runs on the first bowl and on the very next bowl he dismissed McCullum and then came his magnificent act.

    After taking the wicket he fell on the ground as if he has fainted, his partners in crime came pumped him again in a hope that Russel may get his lost breathe and yes he has got it. It is back and Russel is again seen enjoying with the teammates.

    Really this hilarious act was something that no one can even think and it was the West Indies players who tried this and were successful in making the audience laugh. In the end, Jamaica team won the match and qualified for the final of Caribbean Premier league.

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