Same dive, same attempt but different result. During Australia’s first innings, Virat Kohli attempted to stop a ball heading towards the boundary and ended up getting injured, whereas, in India’s first innings, Glenn Maxwell did something similar but ended up helping Australia get Virat Kohli’s wicket.

FOX SPORTS Cricket, in one of their post, showed how a same dive had different results coming their way. On one hand, they kept Virat Kohli holding his injured shoulder and on the other, Maxwell posing in a similar manner, seemingly making a mockery of him. Such an Aussie thing!

On Day 3 of the ongoing Ranchi Test, the Indian captain returned to the field to bat after missing out nearly one and a half days of play. On his return, he didn’t seem that comfortable to start with. Kohli did knock a few balls but later played down the wrong line, more disappointingly with a strong bottom hand and straighter bat to a fuller length delivery.

Pat Cummins was on cloud nine after picking Australia’s most wanted. However, a sharp catch from skipper Steven Smith at slips added value to his wicket.

Here’s the video of what happened when Glenn Maxwell attempt to stop the ball.