It is one of the hilarious conversations ever happened on a cricket field. Indian Spinner Ravindra Jadeja during spell was lost his attention in other things rather than concentrating on his bowling in the World Cup tie against Zimbabwe.

Jadeja was heard from the stump mic requesting captain Dhoni his car, to take his girlfriend for a long drive. Considering that this happened on the middle of a match, experts have been thinking what suddenly triggered Jadeja to think about going to drive. Also, how did he earn a gut to ask for Dhoni’s car after conceding a boundary?


It was learnt that Kohli helped Jadeja to gain confidence in asking for the skippers car. Jadeja was seen exchanging pleasantries with Kohli after Dhoni agreed which further proves the fact that Kohli was the man who provoked Jadeja to go for it.

When Dhoni was asked of it later in the post-match presentation Dhoni said, ‘You can ask me questions as it’s your job, but it’s my choice whether I want to comment or not.’ Meanwhile, our team has gained the video footage along with stump mic recordings from what actually happened. Watch to know what advice did Dhoni give to Jadeja.

Disclaimer: All the characters, story, content is work of fiction and meant for entertainment purpose only.

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