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Breaking: Adam Johnson out on bail till sentencing

  • Adam Johnson out on bail till sentencing

    The former Sunderland and England player Adam Johnson who was alleged of sexual activity with a minor was granted bail until his sentencing, which is due to take place in two to three weeks time.

    The 28-year old been found guilty of one count of sexual activity with a girl aged 15.

    The jury at Bradford Crown Court found Johnson guilty of a charge of sexual touching, but not guilty on a charge relating to another sexual act.

    The player previously admitted to grooming the girl and was warned by Judge Jonathan Rose that he now faces a potential prison sentence up to five years.

    Rose explained that his preliminary view was that the case falls under a category  of a five-year prison sentence with a range of four to 10 years.

    He said: “The defendant must understand there is a very high probability of a significant custodial sentence.”

    Johnson who plead guilty showed no emotion when the verdict was delivered but is now out on a bail until two or three weeks when his sentencing is due.

    The 28-year old met the girl on 30th January 2015 after agreeing to sign football t-shirts and admitted that he kissed the girl. However, he told the jury that the encounter with the girl in his Range Rover went ‘no further’.

    But this was in contrast to the statement by the girl who claimed that Johnson put his hands down her pant and that she performed an oral sex act on him.

    Thought the court discharged allegations of the sex act, it convicted him of the sexual touching charge with a 10-2 majority.

    The footballer whose career is now almost over was sacked by the Black Cats after the initial hearing and it now looks like his days as a footballer are numbered.

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