Arsene Wenger talked to the media after a disappointing loss to cross town rivals Chelsea where Per Mertesacker was sent off for impeding the brilliant Diego Costa. He expressed his disappointment at the result and aims to stop the downward spiral which has left Arsenal with 8 out of a possible 18 points in the last six matches.

“It’s a shame to put such energy into a game and come out of it without a point. We should come out of the game with at least a 1-1, we had many opportunities maybe not clear cut but we should still take one. We had a mountain to climb with ten men but even there I think there was room.

“[The ref] had the choice but he made the decision, I cannot influence the decision. I think we coped well and got on with our job and our focus. We cannot influence the decision of the referee – Costa got two players sent off now. He’s clever.

“Yes of course. He got Mertesacker sent off – did he touch him or not, I need to watch it again. I don’t accuse him of anything, it’s just what happened.

“I think the points and emotional damage is there but the points is more important than emotional damage. It will be tight to the very end and there will be many teams involved in it.”

There is a real need for the Gunners to regroup now and look ahead instead of reflecting on lost points against a well drilled Chelsea side.


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