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Cristiano Ronaldo Caught Peeing In Public After Partying In Saint Tropez

  • Three time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo has finished his season with Real Madrid and it seems like he will be living life to the fullest. Ronaldo, who broke up with his girlfriend/model Irina Shayk earlier in the year has been seen partying late night regularly and has been pictured with a lot of women.

    However, the partying has got him embarrassed as Ronaldo who was at the Saint Tropez Night Club. He was caught peeing outside in public. As embarrassing as it was, Ronaldo tried to coy away from his public urination. He tried to hide behind 2 cars and had a group of friends stand guard close to him.

    But Ronaldo was caught ultimately by the Police and was asked to leave the area immediately. Ronaldo was caught in the early hours of Monday. He was caught peeing outside an exclusive club, Le Quai.

    Ronaldo travelled to the city off the coast of France before a few days with some friends. He was seen partying late till 4 am and was also seen sunbathing at a luxury yacht. He has enjoyed his off season watching the Grand Prix earlier on and also had fun with the ski jets.

    Though Ronaldo was not arrested or fined, he was surely reprimanded and asked to leave the vicinity. It may be hard to justify such an action from such a huge superstar but it will be not be correct to read too much into the incident as almost every man who was drunk till 4am in the night has done something like this in the buzz.

    The superstar status may trouble Ronaldo in situations like these but he should have known better to not have made himself popular with an incident like this.

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